45 Accord Park Dr. Ste. 25 Norwell, MA
45 Accord Park Dr. Ste. 25 Norwell, MA
Daniel J. Richard, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist 125 Church St Pembroke, MA
Daniel J. Richard, Ph.D.Clinical Psychologist                                             125 Church St Pembroke, MA  

Forensic Evaluation

Forensis, a term of Greek origin meaning "In the forum," or of public assembly, has come to be associated with the courtroom.  Thus, forensic psychological evaluation is the application of psychological science to the legal system or in a court of law.    Dr . Richard is uniquely qualified as both a Designated Forensic Psychologist (DFP) and Qualified Examiner (QE) in Massachusetts and has performed hundreds of evaluations and provided expert witness testimony to the District and Superiors Courts throughout the Commonwealth.


Few psychologists maintain forensic evaluation, teaching, and a robust therapy practice.  This combination of practice both discourages the "hired gun" persona sometimes assumed by juries and allows for a sophisticated and nuanced understanding of the psychological functioning of the client.  


Dr. Richard provides the following types of forensic evaluation:

  • Competence to Stand Trial
  • Criminal Responsibility or Mental State at the Time of Offense
  • Need for psychiatric hospitalization/civil commitment
  • Substance Abuse Assessment/need for treatment
  • Psychological fitness of a witness
  • Dangerousness  (as it relates to):
    • Mental Illness
    • Sexual Offending
    • Firesetting
    • Drug or alcohol use
  • Psychological Disability
  • Psychopathy
  • Other Evaluations under Massachusetts General Laws  Sec. 123

 Dr. Richard also provides consultation to attorneys and the legal system.

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